Our technologies span multiple sectors, ranging from energy harvesting, engineering and micro-electronics with each technology having its own market opportunity and addressing key challenges in existing areas. AltEnergis ascertains the true value and significance of a particular technology in the market place in order to find the most valuable innovations.

Our key area of focus is within Deep Tech - defined as technologies based on tangible engineering innovation, that can have a profound impact on sectors including autonomous systems, robotics, smart home/cities, medical devices, clean tech, energy efficiency and numerous other sectors.

Our current technology line-up includes:

Piezoelectric Energy

An ingenious technology, allowing the harvesting of ambient energy to create electricity at no cost from vibrations for applications such as mobile charging and wearables.

Gearbox Condition Monitoring

A novel gearbox condition monitoring sensor system which could significantly improve efficiency in the marine, aerospace, aviation and heavy industry sectors.


A unique approach based upon the traditional turbo-charger principal, offering substantial improvements in both power and efficiency in ICEs.


Our pipeline includes a number of innovative projects across differing sectors.

Technology queries

Due to the fast-moving nature of the technology industry, we are constantly identifying and assessing innovative technologies and are currently reviewing a number of proposals.

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