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AltEnergis capitalises on pioneering research taking place in academic institutions around the world in a multitude of different sectors. Due to early-stage technologies often being perceived as a high-risk proposition it can often be difficult for any inventor to get an innovative idea off the ground.

Development programmes tend to require significant funding to reach a commercially acceptable prototype, with it being difficult to secure private funding and choose an effective development strategy to advance a technology. In recent years it has proven to be even more challenging given the problems in the wider economic environment - especially frustrating considering the urgency and importance of technology development and commercialisation.

The difficulty is further compounded by the traditional 'risk averse' nature of industrial companies, where a technology with true commercial potential can often still be too early stage to be deemed suitable for their product line up - another stumbling block for successful commercialisation of innovation.

The correct partner for development

We value innovation, creativity, integrity, competency and professionalism; we have a passion for what we do. The right development partner is key to transforming a technology from a prototype or even modelling data to the finished product.

Who we
work with

AltEnergis works with a number of collaborative partners, including academic research institutions, technology transfer companies and commercial licensing and development partners. We look to collaborate with partners who share our vision of bringing innovative research to the forefront of the market.