AltEnergis is a UK-based technology acquisition, development and commercialisation company. The company acquires the rights to commercially attractive IP from expert research institutions and companies, which it then further develops and commercialises through corporate deals.

It also has an advisory division that helps innovators commercialise their IP through commercial partnerships, undertakes IP/market due diligence and reviews and prepares business plans/marketing materials. The company also aims to work with corporates to source early stage IP giving them access to new innovations.

The company's key area of interest is within Engineering, both physical and bio-engineering.


Our strategy is to develop our technologies into commercial and profitable applications and to make further acquisitions of innovative IP from research institutions and companies. We aim to maintain a technologically diverse pipeline and to renew and enlarge the pipeline over time so that there is a spread between younger and more mature technologies.

We are focused on enabling technologies: those which improve upon existing methods to solve an industry problem rather than create whole new processes. Typically we acquire these enabling technologies once they have reached the stage where it is no longer classed as research. Following successful development, we then license the technology to a selected corporation, which customises the technology and incorporates it into their own product line-up.

Management Team

Our team has an extensive understanding of the commercial and financial sectors at senior level in some of the world's largest companies as well as significant experience establishing and growing IP exploitation companies. We also have a comprehensive Scientific Advisory panel which has a wide range of expertise across multiple industry sectors and markets.